There are several waymarked Forestry Commission trails in Easter Ross;


Tain Hill - this trail overlooks the Royal Burgh of Tain from the Pulpit Rock. At the highest point, there is a wonderful panoramic view across the Dornoch Firth to Tarbat Ness.


Aldie Burn – These routes take you past the remains of an old Highland croft before exploring Aldie Burn which used to power the water mill at Aldie, near Tain.

There is a good variety of wildlife in this area including red squirrel and otters. This is also the start to the circular Morangie Cycle Trail.


Strathrory to Scotsburn Drove Road – take in the history, geology and varied wildlife as you pass near to the Strathrory river and through the old oak and pine woods of the old Strathrory drove road. The strath is littered with old settlements, some going back as far as the Bronze Age. Wildflowers and birds can be seen … possibly even black grouse!?


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